Can Sumoi

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Massís del Montmell, Baix Penedès
People: Pepe Raventós & Francesc Escala, Owners & Winemakers
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


Can Sumoi 2017 Ancestral Montonega, Spain (Baix Penedes) Login WA 89 In Stock
Can Sumoi (1.5 L) 2017 Ancestral Sumoll, Spain (Baix Penedes) Login In Stock
Can Sumoi 2018 Ancestral Sumoll, Spain (Baix Penedes) Login In Stock
Can Sumoi 2018 'Perfum' Blanco, Penedes DO Login In Stock
Can Sumoi 2019 'Perfum' Blanco, Penedes DO Login In Stock
Can Sumoi 2018 Xarel-lo, Penedes DO Login WA 92 In Stock
Can Sumoi 2019 'La Rosa' Rosado, Penedes DO Login In Stock

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Pepe Raventós’ vision, his growing passion for natural wines, and his desire to always go one step further, brought him and Francesc Escala to research and discover Can Sumoi—a treasure in the mountains of the Baix Penedès. Can Sumoi has impressed all who have known it for the solitude of its surrounding landscape, the mineral nakedness of its soils, the unique geology, and the Mediterranean Sea views. Pepe and Francesc purchased the estate with the desire to produce wines that reflect the special terroir. Ancestral traditions drive the Can Sumoi wines, which are made without any type of additive.

Located in Massís del Montmell at 600 meters (1,970 feet) above sea level, Can Sumoi has been an agricultural farm since 1645. The estate has 400 hectares of which 30 are planted to vines. The rest is forest of tall oak and white pine trees. Marine fossils in the soil date back 113 million years. An old stone wall surrounds the winery and three farmhouses, which were built at the end of the 17th century for wine production. On clear days, when there is no wind, one can view Mallorca and the Ebro Delta.

Josep Mateu lives at Can Sumoi as a farmhand. His family has been rooted to Can Sumoi for almost a century as farmhands. Josep Mateu will soon be 82 and will be able to celebrate his birthday in the farmhouse where he was born in 1936. He remembers perfectly that during his infancy the Baix Penedès area was a vibrant place full of work and dreams. Because of Pepe and Francesc, Josep once again sees the sun shine through the open door. He is excited to see how Pepe and Francesc will recover this landscape.

“Natural wine is not a trend, it is the way you feel as a small winegrower when creating wine.” - Pepe Raventós


  • Can Sumoi 2017 Ancestral Montonega, Spain (Baix Penedes)
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 89 (4/27/2018)

    The one ancestral sparkling produced with the Montonega strain of the Parellada white grape, the 2017 Ancestral Montonega bubbled away energetically when uncorked. The grape is planted at 600 meters altitude and has very high acidity; the grapes ripen to 10.5% to 11% alcohol and produce a more aerial, light, easy and clean wine. It was fermented in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts and no additives, including sulfur. It has some volatility, with some six atmospheres of pressure, and six grams of residual sugar. The acidity clearly pulls the wine up. 10,000 bottles produced in this first vintage.
  • Can Sumoi 2018 Xarel-lo, Penedes DO
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 92 (8/30/2019)

    The 2018 Xarel.lo is also a lot fresher than the wine from 2017, a constant across the range here. The 2018 is cleaner and has more intensity and more expressive aromas than the 2017, and it also has more acidity and tastiness, with the electric and clean palate that I already found in the initial vintage. The 2017 has developed more Mediterranean aromas, hints of hay and straw and a touch of esparto grass, but here there is more citrus and even a minty touch. There is no deviation or oxidation; it was bottled unfiltered and with no added sulfur. It's lighter, with less structure, but it also has more freshness and better drinkability.