The 'cream of the crop' in people, service, and selection. Cream Wine Company is a local, Illinois distributor and importer that is owned and operated by partners Andy Pates and Mark Payne. Cream has organically grown over the years to be recognized as one of the nation’s leading importers and distributors of wine, spirits, sake, beer, and cider. The priority is our people, our service, and our selection with the goal of creating real, long term, sustainable partnerships with our customers and suppliers.


The Cream Team, a cohesive staff of passionate professionals, is committed to excellence in service. Every member of the Cream Team is a member of the Customer Service Team with a collective goal to deliver products in perfect condition, at the right temperature, invoiced properly and on time. Our Chicago-based, temperature-controlled warehouse and trucks help us deliver product that is ready for enjoyment upon arrival.

Cream maintains a high level of service by embracing and utilizing technology to enhance distribution services. The Cream website offers up-to-date, detailed information on people and products, including technical sheets, press, videos, links to articles and tasting notes. Establish your creamwine.com customer login to see pricing and check stock availability. Cream Sales Representatives utilize cloud technology to generate real-time inventory. Customer Service is available by phone, email and social media outlets during business hours to answer all questions and concerns. Product knowledge and category training creates an educated Cream Team who are ready to service customer needs and consult on beverage programs.


Our thoughtful, balanced and authentic portfolio contains comprehensive, regional selections of wine, spirits, sake, beer, and cider. From the New and Old World, Cream places an emphasis on small, dynamic growers and producers. Many practice biodynamic and organic viticulture as well as approach winemaking with a minimalist and non-interventionist touch. Some call this traditional or natural; we like to think of it as the way wine used to be made. The domestic portfolio is a collection of small and medium-sized growers and producers from California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, and Vermont. Cream's national import partners are regarded highly as leaders in their respective categories and include: Brazos Wine Imports, Matchvino, Maximilien Selections, Ole & Obrigado, Oliver McCrum Wines & Spirits, Rosenthal Wine Merchant, Selections de la Viña, The Rare Wine Co.,Wine of Japan, World Sake Imports, and Zev Rovine Selections. Through Cream Imports, the direct import division, Cream endeavors to enhance the overall portfolio by discovering, introducing and energizing the Illinois market on select growers, producers and appellations. Cream Imports showcases pure, compelling expressions of authentic, singular wines that are thoughtfully grown and minimally made with respect for tradition and relevance to the present.

Education & Special Events

Cream places a strong emphasis on continued education for the Cream Team and the Illinois trade. Rich content is communicated to the Cream Team and trade through online avenues: creamwine.com, instagram, facebook, and youtube. Education training includes one-on-one tastings, staff trainings, producer and grower seminars (videos), category ‘Salon Series’ tastings, portfolio tastings, trips to regions, and more. Creamwine.com news & events page details a calendar of upcoming events for the trade. Our Annual Fall Warehouse Tasting & Sale is an informal trade event that is held to preview fall releases and spotlight treasures in the portfolio. This is held around the Autumnal Equinox (3rd week in September). The Cream Salon Series is an informal, intimate tasting and education seminar between the supplier, the Cream Team and select, key Illinois beverage buyers.