Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Gifu Prefecture, Chubu
People: Uenoda Family, Owners


Tenryo (300 ml) Koshu Junmai Dai-Ginjyo, Gifu Prefecture Login <1 Case
Tenryo (720 ml) Koshu Junmai Dai-Ginjyo, Gifu Prefecture Login In Stock

The Tenryo Brewery was established in 1680 in the charming landlocked mountainside of the Hida District by Hino nomadic merchants originally hailing from Shiga Prefecture. Eight generations have now followed the path started by Sahe Hinoya, the forefather of the Uenoda family. It is a proud path of making sake from Hidahomare, the rice that flourishes in the lush natural setting, and the smooth, soft water from Japan’s Northern Alps.

Tenryo is committed to crafting deeper and better sake year over year, one mash, one tank at a time. With a focused commitment to quality over quantity, the brewery’s production is focused on brewing pure rice sake utilizing the local bounty known as Hidahomare rice. The current master brewer began the journey into sake brewing at the age of 21. Today, 20 years later, he has taken over the reigns from the famed Tenryo Master Brewer Isamu Watanabe.