Eric Bordelet 2021 'Argelette' Sydre, Normandy

Item Number: 17470

UPC: 3-760173900046

Country: France
Region: Normandy
Sub Region: Pays d'Auge
Estate Grown Wine: Yes
Vintage: 2021
Type: Cider - Cider
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: Cork
Alc by Vol(%): 5.5
Viticulture: Certified Organic

Terroir Notes: Bordelet's 15-hectare property is situated in the south of Normandy on the Armorican Massif. Dating back to the Precambrian Era, the terroir includes red schist and granite, which imbue the fruit with minerality and texture. Bordelet uses about 22 different types of apple trees, 85% of which from heirloom varieties, and 15 types of pear trees. All of the trees are pure varietals; there are no hybrids or cross-bred types. The newer trees are very densely planted and trellised whereas the older ones are more widely spaced. All farming is biodynamic, and the property is certified organic. The orchards are dry farmed.

Production Notes: Argelette Sydre is made from 19 apple varieties that are macerated on the skins for three to five days for extra extraction of flavor. The apples are manually harvested and placed in small, wooden crates to avoid damage. Then, they are put in a dry and aired location for 3 to 5 weeks for dehydration. The apples are ground and simply pressed. Pressing is followed by settling and racking, which is done to clarify and to slow down fermentation. Argelette is filtered and bottled during fermentation with no additional sugar or chapitalization. Bubbles develop within two weeks of bottling. This is a dry cider.

Tasting Notes: Argelette Sydre is a premium cider that can be served with a meal or offered as an aperitif. It showcases a mixture of fruit and mineral notes. Enjoy stewed apple, apricot, lemon, honey and mild spice. A balanced and weighty palate boasts with intense flavors brought out by small bubbles. This is a complex cider that is worth aging.

About Eric Bordelet: Formerly the sommelier at one of Paris' most famous Michelin 3-star restaurants (Arpege), Eric Bordelet was encouraged by his good friend Didier Dageneau to pursue his dream of making world-class cider in his native Normandy. Moving back to his family's farm, Eric was blessed with some of the most exquisite raw material he could have ever wanted. There are some 22 varieties of apples on the farm and around 15 types of pear trees. 85% of the types of apples in the base cuvée come from heirloom or antique apple trees. Heirlooms are old varieties that have been grown, savored, and passed down for generations, sometimes for centuries. They come in every color, size, and shape and are all about flavor—usually exquisite, always unique. Bordelet uses about 40% sweet apples for flesh, 40% sour ones for aromatic character and 20% bitter ones for structure for his ciders. You've never tasted cider like this.