Bordiga (1 L) Aperitivo (32 proof)

Bordiga (1 L) Aperitivo (32 proof)

Item Number: 12871

UPC: None

Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Sub Region: Torino
Grape(s): Herbs / Citrus / Rhubarb
Type: Spirits - Liqueur
Bottle Size: 1 L
Pack: 6
Closure: Screw Cap
Alc by Vol(%): 16

Aperitivo is a style of bitter liqueur that is relatively low in alcohol (16% by volume), moderately bitter, and moderately sweet. The best-known commercial example of the aperitivo style is Aperol.

Bordiga’s artisan version is made entirely in their distillery with no purchased infusions. The predominant flavors of Bordiga’s Aperitivo are aromatic herbs, citrus (mostly bitter orange peel), and rhubarb (Chinese rhubarb root).

Use Aperitivo in a number of classic Italian aperitifs, such as the Spritz (three parts prosecco, two parts Aperitivo, one part soda water, over ice) or by itself with a splash of soda water.

INFUSIONS: In Bordiga infusions and distillates of botanical (herbs, flowers, fruits, roots, leaves ....) are all produced in-house and most of the botanical are acquired directly from the collectors, legally allowed, and come from the surrounding areas, in particularly from our mountains, the Alps. Infusion the procedure of infusion is the following: the botanicals are steeped in a hydro-alcoholic solution using safe water and pure grain alcohol. The steeping times are variable from 10 to 45 days according to the type of infusion to be obtained.