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Have you had Triticale?

In the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, in the middle of thousands of grapevines, is Branch Point Distillery, a whiskey house that is dedicated to working with Oregon farmers to use local grains to make a totally unique whiskey. They use traditional methods in production like using a low barrel entry proof and no chill filter to maintain the flavors that developed out in the field and in the barrel.

Branch Point’s Trit Whiskey uses Triticale grain, which is a rye-wheat hybrid. This type of grain brings the spice and complexity of rye and the sweeter notes of wheat. By itself, it has notes of caramel corn, vanilla, and green almond with a hint of spice. These notes lend themselves to be used in a stirred cocktail in which this whiskey would shine or even in a Gold Rush to accentuate the honey tones in the whiskey.

Branch Point is named after the moment in your life when you decide to take a new path. A moment that changes your life, and this whiskey may be that moment.

Pictured is a Manhattan. If you like yours with a high rye bourbon, then this is like the best of both worlds.

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