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New Spirit Alert! PlayPen Vodka


Pour then Play.

Founded by lifelong Chicagoans, PlayPen Vodka is a jovial spirit that conveys Joe and Ted’s love for Chicago and good times.

In 2020 during the pandemic, Chicago native Joe Morton began rethinking his life. With extensive hospitality experience, Joe wanted to create a vodka spirit that captured the vibrancy of Chicago. It was on a boat during the summer while enjoying the sun when he had his AHA moment. Why not name the vodka after the iconic Playpen of Lake Michigan?

Joe soon partnered with his brother Ted Robinson who, having worked corporate jobs his whole life, brought both finances and skills to the table. Together, Joe and Ted have not only created a smooth-tasting vodka (carbon filtered 6 times!) that shines love on their home Chicago, but they have also created the first 100% Black-owned spirit company in Illinois, bottled and produced in Melrose Park, Illinois.

Joe and Ted have kept production and ingredients local. While 100% owned by them, PlayPen Vodka is vacuum distilled by Karl Loepke of Skeptic Distillery. The vodka is made in small batches using local, gluten-free, Midwest corn. It is cold vacuum distilled at temperatures lower than 50 degrees and carbon filtered 6 times. The result is an exceptionally clean and smooth vodka that can be enjoyed on the rocks, neat or in a mixed cocktail. Enjoy this premium spirit wherever your “playpen” is located.

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