BojoBrothers.jpgJulien Sunier established his domaine in 2008.
Antoine Sunier established his domaine in 2014.

These brothers are making deliciously complex, minimally made, organic Beaujolais wines that have gained enthusiastic praise from peers and press alike, accrediting them as some of the newest stars of the region. Lucky for us as we happen to direct import them both!

Jamie Goode’s 6/2016
“Since I first tried his wines a couple of years ago, Julien Sunier (above) had been on my hit-list of must-see Bojo producers. And then, a while later, I tried the wines from his brother, Antoine Sunier (below). These were different, but also compelling… The Sunier brothers with their brave organic approach, coming here without money behind them, but forging their own identity, is surely the future for the region. They are tremendous fun, too.”

Wine Advocate by Neal Martin 6/2016
“Julien Sunier seems to be one of the main drivers for the revolution that is sweeping through Beaujolais at the moment. He is an outgoing and outspoken winemaker, even predisposed to criticize his fellow vignerons’ wines when I was tasting them at his winery high up on the hills in northern Beaujolais. If he ever tires of making wine he would make a fine if formidable wine critic.”

Vinous by Josh Raynolds 8/2016
“Antoine Sunier, a native of Dijon, is the younger brother of Julien Sunier, who is one of the region’s ascendant stars, and these 2014s represent his inaugural vintage. It’s a pretty impressive debut, for sure. Antoine studied at the viticulture school in Beaune and followed up by working with Jean-Paul Lapalu, one of the most highly regarded winemakers in Beaujolais, before setting up his own estate. The wines are made by carbonic maceration followed by aging in small, used wooden barrels, with no sulfur applied until bottling. The purity and energy of these wines will thrill fans of Antoine’s brother’s work, as well as any fan of Beaujolais in the vibrant mode.”


While brothers, the Suniers’ wines do differ: 2015 Régnié Tasting (5/25/2017) Julien’s 2015 Régnié is a bit more restrained and masculine than Antoine’s Régnié. Red fruit mixes with mushroom and earth. Minerals with hints of peppery spice also develop over a meaty background. This wine shows dry tannins defined nicely by crisp acidity.

Antoine’s 2015 Régnié is fruitier/fresher in the sense that it is juicy on the palate (think sour apple juiciness). One still gets the mushroom notes, but there are also cranberry, raspberry, and plum flavors. The tannins do not seem as drying as Julien’s wine.

Both are compelling expressions that can be poured BTG!
What do we want? GAMAY!
When do we want it? NOW!
How do we want it? BTG!

The wines were tasted while a bowl of dark chocolate covered raisins and almonds sat a few inches away. Unable to resist, surprisingly, the wines and chocolates went superb together! Recommended.

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