Two Gins, Two Whiskeys

Ransom Old Tom Gin started the Cream spirits portfolio back in 2008.

At the time the gin was presented, we had been partners with Tad Seestedt for several years selling his Oregon wines in Chicago. The new gin was damn good and unique (the only Old Tom, barrel aged gin on the market). We took a leap of faith with Tad, bought the gin, and started a spirits portfolio.

Today, Tad makes more than just the Old Tom. Here is a closer look at his two gins and two whiskeys.


Ransom Old Tom Gin: This is an American classic. Ransom’s Old Tom Gin was the first Old Tom gin to be made in the US since WWII. Six botanicals and a distillate made from barley and corn combine to make this the most balanced and subtle Old Tom gin available. Aged 10 months in neutral 60-gallon barrels, the color is that of brown onion skin, the nose is a lift of juniper and citrus with baking spices and baked Russian tea cake cookies. The mouthfeel is subtle and soothing with gentle flavors. Sandalwood and rose petals intermingle with finishing touches of orange zest, juniper and herbs.

Ransom Dry Gin: Only the “heart of the hearts” (the very best portion of distillate) is retained for this special gin. Fashioned after Holland’s renowned malt wine genevers, Ransom Dry Gin combines the maltiness and hop aromas of the style with a decidedly more intense botanical infusion. Oats, white flowers and an array of spices that hint at the botanical infusion (anise, coriander, juniper, cardamom) show on the nose. The palate is supple and silky, engulfing the mouth with flavors of citrus and spice. The texture is incredible with roundness rather than dryness on the finish. Subtle flavors pleasantly linger on the tongue long after the sip. This is definitely a gin one can drink neat as well as mix to make cocktails.

Ransom Rye, Barley, Wheat Whiskey: This is an incredibly unique whiskey. Home grown six-row barley is combined with malted and unmalted rye, barley and wheat to make the mash. The nose is malty and cereal oriented with herbal undertones and hints of violets. The palate is broad and oriented towards an expression of cereal that is gripping and nearly tannin oriented. A tantalizing briny quality hints in the front and leads to soft fruit flavors of bananas and red apples with a long finish of grain and flint. This is one of the most captivating releases of Ransom’s history.

Ransom The Emerald 1865 American Whiskey: From an 1865 mash bill of a 19th century Irish whiskey, double distilled, the Emerald has sweet honeycomb and oatmeal all over the nose. Wrapped up with hints of celery salt and quince on the nose, the palate follows with rich oat, hints of honey on corn bread, herbs and an incredibly silky feel that coats the mouth and lingers for minutes.

FEATURED: 257 Years

Hold out your glasses Cream customers as we are now serving you 257 years of Champagne history and expertise!

Founded 16 years before our very own country, Champagne Lanson is one of the oldest, family-run Champagne houses. Over the years, the winemakers behind this famous label have carefully perfected their art, passing down the secrets of their craft from one generation to the next. Today’s owners, Philippe Baijot with his son Enguerrand Baijot (Sales Director), have invested in Lanson’s infrastructure while adhering to the unique history and style of the house. The quality has never been better.

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