Liquid Geography

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Bierzo, Castilla y Leon
People: Charles Bieler, Alberto Orte, Norrel Robertson, & Patrick Mata, Owners & Winemaker


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As a symbol of their gratitude to the many people who have helped them over the years, Olé & Obrigado donate 100% of Liquid Geography's profits in equal parts to: the T.J. Martell Foundation in its search for cancer cures, the World Central Kitchen founded by Chef José Andrés that acts as a food first responder in places affected by natural disaster, and Wheeling Forward to help people with disabilities experience life to the fullest.

"I am very happy that this passion of ours in addition to being an economic activity also happens to be a vehicle to support a worthy cause that make our world a better place. Our economic activity will not be complete if it wasn’t for the impact our daily work has in so many great causes unrelated to wine." - Patrick Mata, the liquid geographer

Liquid Geography is produced from vineyards owned by the Guerra winery, which farms 1/3 of all vineyards in the Bierzo region. Out of the 3,000ha (7,413 acres) of vineyard land in Bierzo, Guerra takes care of 1,000ha (2,471 acres), however, they only make wine with the best 10% of grapes. This rigorous selection process allows Liquid Geography to show consistent extraordinary quality.