Caves Naveran

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Torrelavit, Alt Penedès
People: Michel Gillieron Parellada, Proprietor | Emili Esteve, Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


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Caves Naverán, a premium Cava producer, was founded in 1985 by Swiss born Michel Gilleron Parellada. Michel is a graduate in Enology from the École d’Ingénieurs de Changins in Switzerland. The land of Caves Naverán has been in Michel's family since the 19th century. He owns 272 acres of vines in the Alt (high) Penedés sub-region, in the town of Torrelavit.

Within the DO Penedés (Zone 5), northeastern Spain (few miles south of Barcelona) in the Alt Penedés sub-region, at an altitude of 827 ft. The High Penedés is credited for growing French grape varieties for many centuries (earliest reference--the 3rd century A.D. during Spanish Roman occupation).

Climate: The average temperature between April and October is 66.3º F. The days are hot with moderate night temperatures for this high Mediterranean region. "High" refers to the northern latitude and "Mediterranean" to the proximity to the sea. The annual rainfall totals are 23.9 inches. Naverán has cooler temperatures than Casteller, due to its higher altitude (Casteller is at 577 ft.). As a result, wines made by Naverán have good skin pigmentation, medium-high aromatics, balanced acidity and polished tannins. Naverán's climate is warmer than Priorat, Montsant, and cooler than Costa Brava, and Terra Alta.

The topsoil is composed of limestone and sand with a subsoil of clay. The texture of the topsoil allows for good water drainage. The subsoil has good water retention. The medium levels of soil pH and low percentage of organic substance results in balanced levels of acidity and moderate yields. Even though Naverán has a cooler climate than Casteller, Naverán harvest takes place before Casteller due to the vineyards steeper slopes.

What makes Naverán wines unique?
1) 100% Estate own vineyards allowing for higher quality control, producing consistently superior quality wines. 3) Old vines result in smaller yields, increasing concentration and grape quality. 4) 85% of the Cavas made by Naverán are sold in France -- the birthplace and home of Champagne!

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