Borgo Maragliano

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Loazzolo, Piedmont
People: Galliano Family, Owners | Carlo Galliano, Winemaker


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Borgo Maragliano NV Chardonnay Brut '8 Mesi', Vino Spumante Login WS 87 In Stock
Borgo Maragliano 2022 'La Caliera' Moscato d'Asti DOCG Login In Stock
Borgo Maragliano 2023 'La Caliera' Moscato d'Asti DOCG Login In Stock
Borgo Maragliano 2018 'Giovanni Galliano' Brut Rose, Alta Langa DOCG Login AG 90 In Stock

Borgo Maragliano is situated at 450 meters above sea level, on a natural terrace of the Langhe hills, in the heart of Loazzolo. It is a very special place for growing grapes, crossed by the Marin, an onshore wind coming from the Mar Ligure which favors the maturation of the grapes, enhancing their aromas and fragrances. The land around Loazzolo is characteristic in its geological formation, with typical marls and sandstone. Borgo Maragliano includes an area of 15 hectares of vineyards. Loazzolo offers a combination of sandy-clay soil plus the right altitude of that make it the perfect white wine environment. Although Moscato is the soul of the family run business, they also grow some Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Riesling for the small production of classic method wines (Champagne method). The wine is vinified, bottled and packed by the members of the Galliano family, who maintain a great respect for the traditions of the vineyards, but at the same time make use of the most modern vinification techniques and methods with new and efficient equipment.

The Galliano family has been growing grapes for 5 + generations. Like many other Italian farmers, Carlo's father Giuseppe grew grapes to make some small quantities of wine for the family and neighbors and then sold the majority of his harvest to the bigger estates. In 1988 however, halfway through the harvest, the demand for grapes dried up instantly. To make a virtue of the necessity Giuseppe started vinifying his grapes himself. In 1990, Carlo came to join his father. Ever so many harvests later Carlo has updated cellar equipment, invested into their own bottling line and carved out a deep underground gallery into the Loazzolo hill to bottle-age his classic-method Spumante wines. Silvia, amongst many other things, takes care of the charming family wine museum, and their three sons. From the Chardonnay they make a Spumante Charmat and the blanc de blanc classic method. The Pinot Nero and Chardonnay join forces in the second Spumante Champenois, whereas the Pinot Nero is the soloist in powerful Rosé Spumante Champenois. The Moscato is mainly used for the production of Moscato d'Asti. However, a small portion finds its way into a still late harvest (Loazzolo Vendemmia Tardiva) under one of the smallest DOC's that exist (Loazzolo DOC).

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  • Borgo Maragliano NV Chardonnay Brut '8 Mesi', Vino Spumante
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 87 (6/15/2019)

    Creamy, with rich accents of pastry and honey to the poached apricot and lemon curd flavors.
  • Borgo Maragliano 2018 'Giovanni Galliano' Brut Rose, Alta Langa DOCG
    Rating: 90 (6/17/2022)

    A burst of sweet smoke gives way to fresh mint, ginger and white strawberries as the 2018 Brut Rosé Giovanni Galliano comes to life in the glass. It washes across the palate with a silken bead of fine bubbles under an air of rosy florals, coming across as savory and mineral in style, with a reverberation of bright acidity. The Giovanni Galliano, a varietal Pinot Noir, finishes with a salty flourish and a slightly bitter twang that leaves the mouth watering for more.