Tequila Mi Casa

Country of Origin: Mexico
Location: Penjamillo, Michoacán
People: Rodriguez Family, Owners


Tequila Mi Casa Blanco (91 proof) Login In Stock

The Rodriguez family agave plantation began in 2000 when they inherited land in the highlands of Michoacán, Mexico. It was a small and humble beginning. Determined to do their best and with love for the land and agave, they have held all levels of agriculture and production to the highest standards. Their agave piñas come in healthy, robust and measure at a 32% brix ratio (natural sugars). The industry standard is anywhere from 26%-28%. The natural sugars and nutrient rich highland soil translate into aromatic, complex, rich and smooth small batch tequilas.

At the distillery, they practice open air oxygenation of the spirit before it is bottled to reduce the smell and taste of ethanol. Additionally, new filters are used on the machines each time they distill to ensure a high level of quality control. The barrels used to age their reposado and añejo tequila are old Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey barrels. They are lightly chipped and charred beforehand, and a slight smokey flavor is present in the añejo and extra añejo expressions. The Rodriquez family is present to taste each expression of the tequila before it is approved for bottling.

The tequilas are shipped to Oakland where the Rodriguez family has a bonded warehouse in San Carlos and sells direct in California.

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