Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Gifu Prefecture, Chubu
People: Kenji Miwa, Owner


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Founded in 1837, Miwa Shuzo is located in in Gifu Prefecture in Ogaki City, which is known as the City of Water. The brewery's most famous brand Shirakawago resulted from a request from the Mayor of Shirakawa Village (a UNESCO Heritage site for its rafter-roofed houses) to produce doburoku sake that could be drunk any time of the year. Doburoku sake is a traditional, heavily viscous, cloudy sake that is made for the historic Doburoku Festival.

One of the world's most unique festivals, the Doburoku Festival, takes place from the end of September through October in the Shirakawa Village. People pray at shrines in each of the districts to the mountain gods for fertility, family safety, and peace in the village. Every year a little 'brewery' at each shrine serves doburoku sake made with its own special ancient techniques passed down through the generations. This tradition started around 1,300 years ago. This is a true Japanese hometown festival at which one can see the villagers and the visitors from far away drinking sake offerings together in thanks for the harvest.

The modern version of the Shirakawago brand, Shirakawago Sasanigori Junmai Ginjyo was born out of a collaboration between Miwa Shuzo and WOJ to produce a mellower and lighter-bodied nigori sake (than the traditional doburoku) with a wider palatability.

Miwa Shuzo only produces nigori sake.