Jolie Folle

Crazy Beautiful Wines

Country of Origin: France
Location: Provence, France
People: Jimmy Gallivan, Owner | Made expressly for Jolie Folle


Jolie Folle (1 L) 2021 Sauvignon Blanc, Val de Loire IGP Login In Stock
Jolie Folle (1 L) 2021 Rose, Mediterranee IGP (Provence) Login In Stock

Jolie Folle translates loosely to "crazy beautiful." The name was inspired by an Argentine compliment for someone who is "crazy in a good way."

Crazy Beautiful wines are sommelier-driven wines made in close collaboration with friends, farmers and winemakers. The winemaking style is non-interventionist. The vineyards are sustainable. All of the wines are bottled in Earth friendly large format bottles. The liter bottle contains 33% more wine and weighs less than the average 750ml bottle, which provides an extra two glasses per bottle and a lot less waste. Crazy Beautiful saved over 4,000 pounds of glass last year.

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