Valentine Detroit Distilling Co. 'White Blossom' Elderflower Vodka (70 proof)

Valentine Detroit Distilling Co. 'White Blossom' Elderflower Vodka (70 proof)

Item Number: 9589

UPC: 0-857318002017

Country: USA
Region: Michigan
Grape(s): 50% Corn / 25% Wheat / 25% Barley
Type: Spirits - Vodka
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 6
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 35

Valentine White Blossom Vodka is small batch vodka made from Midwest grains, combined with elderflower and grapefruit, to create a seductive and aromatic vodka.

Production: The vodka is made with a Christian Carl 225-gallon pot with two 35’ columns, one housing 44 trays, the other 49. The water used is reverse osmosis filtered water that is consistently analyzed for H2O purity. Additions include a concentrated distillate made from elderflower and grapefruit, which is added to the pure vodka base, as well as 6 grams per liter of Michigan beet sugar. The vodka is not filtered.

Creating a world-class vodka leaves no margin for error and every step of the process needs to be refined, then refined again, and refined once more, which is what Valentine has done for the last 10 years. This dedication to the craft of producing vodka is exactly what inspires Head Distiller Justin Arden to deliver these exceptional spirits. In his own words, "You can make a great distillate, but truly great distilleries know how to make that amazing distillate again and again, and that is the distinction between being good and being great."

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  • Beverage Testing Institute
    Rating: 92 (10/26/2012)

    Gold Medal. Clear. Rich tropical fruit salad aromas and flavors of lychee, cling peach, and elderflower with a satiny, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a warming, peppery spice, cream, powdered sugar, and mineral finish. An expertly balanced and very flavorful vodka.