Ransom Wines & Spirits Old Tom Gin (88 proof)

Ransom Wines & Spirits Old Tom Gin (88 proof)

Item Number: 3116

UPC: 0-665991040109

Country: USA
Region: Oregon
Grape(s): Malted Grain Mash / Juniper / Orange peel / Lemon peel / Coriander / Angelica root / Cardamom
Type: Spirits - Gin
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 44
Viticulture: Practicing Organic

Concept: It is 1865, the Civil War has ended and you need a gin cocktail, so you walk into a bar, let’s say New York, Chicago or New Orleans to order your Old Tom…Ransom’s Old Tom is very likely what you would have been served. The vision of our wily distiller, Tad Seestedt, was to make the best and most historically accurate Old Tom in the world. Ransom is the only American distiller to produce a true and accurate Old Tom gin to date.

History: Old Tom gins find their way into drinking history starting in the 18th century. Similar to the Genever style of gin, Old Tom’s were part malted grain mash, part infused botanicals. Old Tom gins had robust and expressive flavors due in part to the pot still distillation methods as well as the barrel aging these gins underwent as the product was transported from city to city. The name Old Tom comes from bars in London that had wooden placards or a statue of a black cat (an “Old Tom”) on the outside of the building where a thirsty customer could deposit a penny and receive a shot of gin from a small spigot between the cat’s paws. That was the first creative drive thru in the modern commercial era.

Distillery: Ransom distillery is located in Sheridan, OR. Sheridan is a small, sleepy town that butts up against the coastal mountain range in northwest Willamette Valley. The distillery sits on 40 acres of gentle, rolling farmland and Tad operates a beautiful 300 gallon R. Prulho Cognac copper pot still to create his spirits. It is a classic small batch spirits operation. There are the essentials of the distillery, an extra cocktail book or two, a shotgun and a tractor. When you have a good spirit in hand, a coastal breeze to cool the sweat from your brow and a vista of the valley what more do you really need?

Distillation: Ransom Old Tom Gin begins with a whiskey wort or mash which is the first distillation (wort is the liquid that is extracted from the mashing process of whiskey production as the mash slowly turns starches into sugars). A second distillate of neutral grain spirits is then infused with classic botanicals of juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander seed, angelica root and cardamom pods. These two spirits join together in a single batch and are distilled for a second time, infusing their character to create a magnificent Old Tom gin that is then aged for several months in oak barrel. After a short period of barrel aging the gin is packaged and bottled and shows off its beautiful light onion skin hue in a clear apothecary style glass bottle.


  • Beverage Testing Institute
    Rating: 93 (6/11/2009)

    Pale amber pink color. Aromas of sweet berry and citrus pastry, floral hops, honey and spice follow through on a soft,silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with wintermint, mango custard, dried lavender, and herbal juniper and sweet spices on the gentle polished finish. Very nice. International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal
  • Beverage Testing Institute
    Rating: 95 (5/1/2010)

    From Oregon. Medium amber/orange color; aroma of mint, juniper and citrus peel; silky and spiced with notes of vanilla, orange and various spices; add toastiness and creamy texture; lovely and complex with depth and unique flavors.
  • Wine & Spirits
    Rating: Best Spirits (10/15/2010)

    Ransom Spirits joined forces with cocktail historian David Wondrich to develop Ransom Old Tom Gin, which approximates the sort that would have been behind bars pre-Prohibition. Barrel-aged and based on malted barley and corn, Ransom almost feels like a whiskey, so don't get stingy with the bitters. Try it in a Tuxedo cocktail: 1 part Ransom Old Tom, 1 part dry vermouth, 2 dashes Maraschino, 1 dash absinthe and 2 dashes orange bitters, stirred with a maraschino cherry and a lemon twist
  • The Tasting Panel
    Rating: 96 (3/1/2015)

    Alambic pot-distilled, 88-proof Old Tom was the result of a collaboration of efforts with cocktail historian David Wondrich. It is barrel-aged for six to eight months, and the oak gives it a hue the color of a new copper penny. The nose is winsome, with orange peel, new leather and dandelion. Unctuous and broad on the palate, singed orange peels bandy with spiced pears. A category standout.