Agua de Piedra (22oz) Sparkling Mineral Water

Agua de Piedra (22oz) Sparkling Mineral Water

Item Number: 13717

UPC: 7-503010338024

Country: Mexico
Region: Nuevo Leon
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Water
Type: Mineral Water - Sparkling
Bottle Size: 22oz
Pack: 12
Closure: Crown Cap

Agua de Piedra (literally: stone water or water from the rock) is natural spring water that owes its unique flavor to the mineral profile provided by the filtration through the geological formations of the Huasteca basin in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Agua de Piedra is from Monterrey, a city full of mountains. The water runs through the mountains and is subtracted from an underground river. This is why the chemical composition is so unique.

This sparkling water is ideal to share at the table and to accompany any kind of food. It is ideal for preparing cocktails with or without alcohol.