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Partida Creus

photos and words by Oscar Salinas of Los Naturales

I was in Spain sitting at the counter of a bar drinking wine alone. It wasn’t long ‘til two American backpackers also sat down. They were traveling across Europe, working on farms and vineyards along their route in exchange for housing and food. It was then that one of them told me, “Whenever you see the bottles with stencil-logo labels, order them. Try ‘em all, that stuff is really, really good.” Thanks for the sound advice, Adam from Kansas City.

partidacreus_owners.jpgIt’s easy to get hooked on Massimo and Antonella’s wines. It’s a labor of love, something that began when the former architects packed their bags and left their home in Piedmont to create a new one in Spain. After some time in Barcelona, they fled to the countryside of Baix Penedès. The wine they were drinking at the time wasn’t up to par, already farming food of their own they decided to try their hand at wine too. This spurred a passion for reviving old vines of local varietals, the result was the birth of Partida Creus as we know it.

VN - The epitome of easy drinking. Young, light, fresh, and crunchy the VN Blanco is everything you’d want in a daily sipper. Lightly aromatic, its floral notes are reminiscent of being in someone’s backyard once spring has fully sprung. The wine has an element of salinity that feels familiar in most of their wines, something that Partida Creus gets right time and time again.

SK - A cloudy Muscat Blanc from Catalonia, this aromatic wine transports you to Hawaiian beaches via the countryside of Spain. Pineapple rind announces itself as you take the first whiff and sip, followed by orange peel and grapefruit - immediately taking you on a tropical vacation. Flowers from a rainforest garden fill each pour with love.

SP - Clean, crisp, yellow hues captivate the eyes before your nose is treated to fruits from the tropics. A welcomed mix of citrus lead by lemon and orange that meet juicy grapefruit. Sharp minerality presents itself with a tinge of yeast, making this a wine that packs much more complexity than you’d initially expect.

MUZ - Right off the bat, whoa - holy botanicals! This natural vermouth oozes with herbal notes and spice. It’s the alcoholic equivalent to a traditional Mexican Ponche Navideño. Packed with depth and complexity, yet still light with lingering citrus. Sip it chilled, over ice, or use it in your favorite vermouth-based cocktail. Someone said you could make a boozy olive-oil milkshake with this, the possibilities endless.

GT Ancestral - Twins aren’t always identical, sometimes one is more mischievous than the other. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Such is the case with GT Ancestral. Sharing the same Garrut grape base as its sibling, this pet-nat has loads of character. The effervescence starts off strong, creating purple bubbles and an equally ruby foam. Eventually the bubbles subside, and tannins appear - evolving into a bolder wine, with earthy notes of candied mushroom and red fruits screaming for something spicy. Good for day drinking and even better for a hip dinner party.

GT - The more classic of the two siblings, but by no means any less fun. Boasting similar notes to GT Ancestral, yet still different in their respective ways. The wine expresses earthy, red fruit notes with soulful depth. The purple-ruby color is deep and ripe, with candy berries inviting your senses to some sweetness. If its mischievous sibling begs to be taken to a hip dinner party, you can find this one eating out at a respected bistro likely smoking a cigar after dinner.

XL Ancestral - Another prime example of why bubbles rock. Imagine combining lemons, pears and apples in a bottle with salt and minerals, then adding palate-tickling effervescence and some ginger right before mixing everything together… you know what you’re gonna get? A wine that is extremely drinkable. Chill this down to the bone and enjoy every drop.

XL - Much like its bubbly counterpart, this bottle is packed with minerality, salinity and citrus. There’s a soft, creamy texture that accompanies every sip, singing at a volume that brings forth a vibrant freshness you can’t help but want more of. The kind of wine you want to share with friends over laughs and a home cooked meal as the sun sets next to the Mediterranean Sea. Or in a bustling city patio, it’s really your choice.





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