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Skeptic Distillery

“I always thought most liquor tasted harsh, needing mixers or chasers to drink. I wanted fresher tasting and smoother spirits. As a homebrewer and craft beer lover, I saw that cold distillation would allow me to take the huge variety and creativity of craft beer into the whiskey and gin world, and create entirely new, fresh tasting spirits.” - Karl Loepke, President

Located in Melrose Park, Illinois, Skeptic Distillery is spearheading the future of spirits distilling. They are using a little known process called cold vacuum distillation, and are one of only a handful in the world using this cutting-edge technology.

Vacuum distillation is a process that distills spirits at cooler temperatures (around 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit), without applying high heat. High heat distillation can change the quality of many aromas. In this vacuum, ethanol distills at room temperature, allowing the delicate and otherwise unattainable botanical flavors to blossom, which then shine through in the finished spirit.

Founder Karl Loepke custom build Skeptic’s two vacuum distillation systems. One is used to craft their award-winning gin and vodka, and one is used to convert beer into whiskey. The resulting spirits are smooth, versatile, fresh, and flavorful. The vodka and gin are both corn based, naturally gluten free, and free of artificial additives or sugars.

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