Ian d’Agata recently published a Vinous article titled 2016: A Very Good Year for Italy’s Many Rosatos. Ian reviewed the Sperino Rosa del Rosa but, to a surprise, listed their 2014 vintage. (What happened to the bit about 2016s?)

SperinoRosa2016.jpgHowever, Ian did have this to say: “A recent exciting development in Italy is the emergence of many rosato wines made from Nebbiolo. The greatness of this grape variety apparently knows no limits: it can deliver uncommonly good pink wines (in the hands of talented producers, at least) as well as world-famous reds. Look for many of the stellar rosato now being made in the Langhe as well as in northeastern Piedmont, the home of up-and-coming Boca, Lessona, Gattinara and Lessona. These Nebbiolo and Nebbiolo-based pink wines are light- to medium-bodied and intensely perfumed, often with a bright mineral overlay to their juicy red berry and sour red cherry aromas and flavors.”

Ian, we believe you! We don’t say “Nebbiol - NO” but instead shout “Nebbiol - CAN” to Piedmont rosatos!

We’ve long sold out of the 2014 Rosa del Rosa, but have a wonderful supply of the 2016 in stock and ready to rock. The. Wine. Is. Delicious. With or without food, you’ll enjoy a complexity of flowers, herbs, minerals, and red fruit (some orange). The rounded fruit on the palate finely balances the acidity.

Lessona is a village situated in the Alpine foothills in Northern Piedmont. The ancient, sandy soils of marine origin in this area are ideal for the production of Nebbiolo-based wines, famous for their perfumes, elegant mineral qualities and longevity.

With that said…

SperinoLessona2012.jpgSperino’s 2012 Lessona is 100% “Nebbiol - CAN.” It is a stunning example of the magic of the Alto Piemonte Nebbiolo. Slightly chilled and just opened, the wine has a pretty nose of red fruit, flowers, rose petal, minerals and stone. It has a weightless elegance. After about 10-15 minutes, whilst warming up in the glass, the complexity of the wine shines with a new set of aromas exuding from the glass: herbs like rosemary and thyme, darker red fruits, some plum, savory earth components and more. It is a wine you could smell for 30 or so minutes before ever thinking to sip. Once in the mouth, the wine shows refined tannins. There is some grip when it opens up. The flavors mimic the nose; they are complex and abundant. This wine will has a long life ahead of it.

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