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Bryant Family Cab - 1st Growth Napa

Bryant Family: A blockbuster wine with great elegance.

Terroir: The steep hillside vineyard is located 1,000 feet up on Pritchard Hill, allowing Bryant Family's 12-acre vineyard a unique terroir. The western winds bring the cooling air to the site allowing 5 to 10 degrees cooler growing conditions, which in turn keeps the acidity levels high. The volcanic rock soil provides very little nutrients and water to the vines that yield grapes with a higher concentration. Yet the hillside orientation treats the vines equally when it comes to distribution of sunlight.

Philosophy: Bryant Family's philosophy is based on super low yields in order to obtain maximum concentration and ripeness in the grapes. The naturally boosted grapes are then vinified using modern technology in gravity-oriented winery facilities. Part of the success story of the Bryant Family wines has been the winemaking team, which has always been led by highly appreciated wine consultants. The famous Helen Turley was the first of these, followed by Philippe Melka and now Mark Aubert together with Michel Rolland.

*Info taken from Fine Magazine

In France's Alsace, wine as food

Region has always aimed for clean, dry flavor that pairs well at table

By Bill St. John for Chicago Tribune

"Alsace has been doing something for decades that most other winemaking areas just recently have caught onto: allow both the grapes and the soil on which they grow to express themselves in their wines in the purest way possible.

In addition, Alsace has always aimed for what even more winemakers are beginning to see as the goal of any wine: They're meant less to be drunk than to be eaten. Cleanness of flavor, bracing acidity and near total dryness are hallmarks of Alsace wines and the main reason they so well accompany food."

We couldn't agree more with what Bill has to say about Alsatian wines, and are ecstatic that he chose to recommend Paul Blanck's Pinot Gris in the article!

Paul Blanck's 2010 Pinot Gris: "Should be used in auto interiors for 'fresh air' scent. On the subtle side of Pinot Gris but creamy, mushroom-y in the end for a lingering seductiveness."

Wine Advocate Issue #202 (8/31/2012)

California's Central Coast: Better Than Ever

Bonny Doon 2008 Le Cigare Volant 87pts
Bonny Doon 2008 Le Cigare Volant Reserve en Bonbonne 88pts
Booker Vineyard 2009 My Favorite Neighbor 93pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 My Favorite Neighbor (94-96)pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 The Ripper 97+pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Oubile 94pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Fracture (95-97)pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Booker Vineyard 92pts
Booker Vineyard 2011 Booker Vineyard (90-92)pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Remnant 96pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Vertigo 95pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Alchemist 93pts
Booker Vineyard Oubile 22 (93-95)pts
Booker Vineyard Vertigo 22 (93-95)pts
Booker Vineyard Alchemist 22 (94-96)pts
Booker Vineyard 2010 Tempranillo 22 (90-92)pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir Ampelos 89pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir Melville Vineyard 92pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir 3D Vineyard 91pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir Mount Carmel Vineyard 93pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir 90pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir Machado 91pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Pinot Noir Cargasacchi 89pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Chardonnay 91pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Chardonnay Sweeney Canyon 90pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Chardonnay Mount Carmel Vineyard 89pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Chardonnay 3D Vineyard 93pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Chardonnay Sea Smoke 91pts
Brewer-Clifton 2010 Chardonnay Gnesa 92pts
Davis Family 2010 Cuvee Luke 89pts
Davis Family 2010 GSM 89pts
Davis Family 2010 Pinot Noir Soul Patch 92pts
Davis Family 2010 Pinot Noir Starr Ridge 93pts
Davis Family 2010 Piont Noir Horseshoe Bend 91pts
Davis Family 2009 Syrah Estate 90pts
Diatom 2011 Chardonnay Hana Shinobu 88pts
Diatom 2011 Chardonnay Kazaoto 88+pts
Diatom 2011 Chardonnay Hamon 88pts
Diatom 2011 Chardonnay Miya 89pts
Diatom 2011 Chardonnay Kodo 87pts
Linne Calodo 2010 Sticks and Stones 94pts
Linne Calodo 2010 Rising Tides 92pts
Linne Calodo 2010 The Overthinker 92pts
Linne Calodo 2010 Booker Red 94pts
Linne Calodo 2009 Nemesis 92pts
Linne Calodo 2010 Problem Child 95pts
Linne Calodo 2010 The Outsider 93pts
Linne Calodo 2010 Cherry Red 94pts
Pisoni 2010 Estate Pinot Noir 92pts
Pisoni 2010 Lucia Chardonnay Soberanes Vineyard 92pts
Pisoni 2010 Lucia Pinot Noir 88pts
Pisoni 2010 Lucia Pinot Noir Garys' Vineyard 92pts
Pisoni 2010 Lucia Chardonnay 90pts
Pisoni 2010 Lucia Syrah Garys' Vineyard 90pts
Pisoni 2010 Lucia Syrah Susan's Hill 88pts
Melville 2010 Pinot Noir Clone 115 indigene 92pts
Melville 2010 Pinot Noir Terraces 91pts
Melville 2010 Pinot Noir Carrie's 94pts
Melville 2010 Pinot Noir Sandy's 94pts
Melville 2011 Chardonnay Clone 76 inox 87pts
Melville 2010 Piont Noir Verna's Vineyard 91pts
Melville 2010 Pinot Noir 91pts
Melville 2010 Syrah Verna's 90pts
Melville 2010 Syrah Donna's 91pts
Melville 2010 Chardonnay Verna's Vineyard 88pts
Palmina 2008 Nebbiolo 87pts
Palmina 2007 Nebbiolo Stolpman Vineyard 89pts
Palmina 2007 Nebbiolo Sisquoc Vineyard 92pts
Palmina 2007 Nebbiolo Honea Vineyard 93pts
Palmina 2011 Tocai Friulano Honea Vineyard 88pts
Palmina 2010 Subida Natural Friulano Honea Vineyard 90pts
Palmina 2010 Barbera 89pts
Palmina 2010 Barbera Alisos Vineyard 91pts
Palmina 2007 Nebbiolo Alisos Vineyard 91pts
Palmina 2010 Barbera Walker Vineyard 88pts
Saxum 2011 Booker Vineyard (92-94)pts
Saxum 2010 Booker Vineyard (94096)pts
Saxum 2011 Syrah James Berry Vineyard Bone Rock (94-96)pts
Saxum 2010 Syrah James Berry Vineyard Bone Rock (96-98_pts
Saxum 2011 Syrah Broken Stones (93-96)pts
Saxum 2010 Syrah Broken Stones (92-94)pts
Saxum 2011 Heartstone Vineyard (93-95)pts
Saxum 2010 Heartstone Vineyard (95-97)pts
Saxum 2011 Paderewski Vineyard (93-95+)pts
Saxum 2010 Paderewski Vineyard 95pts 
Saxum 2011 Terry Hoage Vineyard (94-96)pts
Saxum 2010 Terry Hoage Vineyard 94+pts
Saxum 2011 James Berry Vineyard (95-97)pts
Saxum 2010 James Berry Vineyard 96+pts
Villa Creek 2009 High Road James Berry Vineyard 93pts
Villa Creek 2009 Trovador 91pts
Villa Creek 2009 The Avenger 88pts
Villa Creek 2010 Roussanne James Berry Vineyard 91pts
Villa Creek 2009 Granadina 91pts
Villa Creek 2009 Damas Noir 92pts
Villa Creek 2010 Garnacha 94pts
Villa Creek 2010 Willow Creek Cuvee 92pts

Best Buys: Ole and Peninsula Wines
Barco de Piedra 2011 Ribera del Duero 91pts
Berroja 2011 Berroia 87pts
La Cartuja 2011 Priorat 93pts
Columna 2011 Albarino 91pts
Jeromin 2011 Zestos Garnacha 90pts
A Portela 2011 Mencia 93pts
Hermanos del Villar 2011 Ipsum Rueda 87pts
Hermanos del Villar 2011 Oro de Castilla Verdejo 88pts
Dacu 2010 Tempranillo 90pts
Exopto 2011 Bozeto 88pts
Ladera Sagrada 2011 Papa 90pts
Don Sancho Londono 2011 Cortijo Blanco 89pts
Don Sancho Londono 2011 Cortijo Rosado 89pts
Don Sancho Londono 2011 Cortijo Tinto 88pts
Magana 2007 Dignus 92pts
Magana 2007 Baron de Magana 94pts
Caves Navera 2009 Cava Dama 91pts
Pazo de Galegos 2011 Albarino 90pts
Vizcarra Ramos 2010 JC Vizcarra 94pts
Vizcarra Ramos 2011 Roble 93pts
Barahonda 2010 Barrica 92pts
Barahonda 2011 Nabucco 87pts
Barahonda 2011 Carro 89pts
Barahonda 2010 Tranco 90pts
Torremoron 2011 Ribera del Duero 92pts

Oregon: Pinot and Beyond
Brooks 2011 Gewurztraminer 90pts
Brooks 2009 Pinot Noir Temperance Hill 92pts
Brooks 2009 Pinot Noir Rastaban 88pts
Brooks 2008 Pinot Noir Red Letter 93pts
Brooks 2009 Riesling 88pts
Brooks 2009 Pinot Noir Janus 91pts
J. Christopher (and Dr. Loosen) 2007 Pinot Noir Appassionata 91pts
J. Christopher 2010 pinot Noir Lia's Vineyard (91-92+)pts
J. Christopher 2010 Sauvignon Blanc 89pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir Sandra Adele (90-91)pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir Abbey Ridge Vineyard (91-92+)pts
J. Christopher 2011 Chardonnay Lia's Vineyard (87-88)pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir 89pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir Dundee HIlls Cuvee (89-90)pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir Eola-Amity Hills Lumiere (90-91)pts
J. Christopher 2011 Uber Sauvignon Croft Vineyard (88-89)pts
J. Christopher 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Croft Vineyard 87pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir Nuages (90-91)pts
J. Christopher 2010 Pinot Noir Olenik Vineyard (89-90+)pts
JIgsaw 2010 Pinot Noir 89pts
Ransom 2010 Pinot Noir Selection (90-91)pts
Ransom 2009 Pinot Noir Selection 89pts
Ransom 2010 Pinot Noir Cattrall Vineyard (90-91)pts
Ransom 2009 Pinot Noir Cattrall Vineyard 91pts
Ransom 2011 Riesling (Brooks Vineyard) 91pts
Ransom 2009 Grenache 87pts
Andrew Rich 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Croft Vineyard 87pts
Andrew Rich 2010 Pinot Noir Verbatim 88pts
Andrew Rich 2010 Pinot Noir The Knife Edge 91pts 
Andrew Rich 2009 Pinot Noir The Knife Edge 88pts
Andrew Rich 2010 Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge Vineyard 91pts
Andrew Rich 2008 Pinot Noir Croft Vineyard 89pts 

Unlawful Rapture: Madeira Then, Now & Always
Barbeito 1948 Malvasia 95pts
Barbeito 2078 Sercial Frasqueira 94pts
Barbeito 1863 Boal 94pts
Barbeito 2000 Terrantez Reserve 95pts
Barbeito 1910 Secial 94pts
Barbeito 1875 Malvasia 96pts
Barbeito 20 yr old Malvasia Lote 93pts
Barbeito Malvasia 30 yr old Lote Especial 95pts
Barbeito 1988 Sercial Frasqueira 90pts
Barbeito 1978 Boal Frasqueira 95pts
Barbeito 1982 Boal Frasqueira (June 2007 Bottling) 90pts
Barbeito 2001 Boal Colheita Casks 48 & 84 90pts
Barbeito 2000 Malvasia Single Cask 40A 92pts
Barbeito 1982 Boal Frasqueira (Feb 2012 Bottling) 92pts
Barbeito 1996 Verdelho Single Cask 93pts
Barbeito 1834 Malvasia 96pts
Barbeito 2001 Malvasia Single Cask 93pts
Barbeito 1999 Single Harvest Canteiro 90pts
Barbeito 1995 Canteiro Cask 24 90pts
Barbeito Boal 5 yr old Reserva 89pts
Barbeito Malvasia 5 yr old Reserva 88pts
Barbeito Sercial 10 yr old Reserva 88pts
Barbeito 1996 Boak Cask 307 A E 89ts
Barbeito 1995 Canteiro Cask 23 88pts
Barbeito 1997 Canteiro Single Cask 113 B E 90pts
Barbeito 2002 Canteiro Single Cask 110 93pts
Barbeito 1954 Malvasia 92pts
Barbeito 2000 Single Harvest Canteiro 88pts
Barbeito 1986 Malvasia 92pts
RWC Benjamin Franklin Special Reserve 91pts
RWC The Wanderer 93pts
RWC Savannah Special Reserve 88pts
RWC New York Malmsey 90pts
RWC Baltimore Rainwater 89pts
RWC Stratford Lee Family Special Reserve 87pts 
RWC Charleston Sercial 91pts
RWC Boston Bual 89pts 
RWC Porto Moniz Verdelho 92pts
RWC Porto Moniz Malvasia 93pts 
D'Oliveira 1912 Verdelho Reserva 91pts
D'Oliveira 1908 Boal Reserva 92pts
D'Oliveira 1971 Terrantez Reserva 94pts
D'Oliveira 1969 Sercial Reserva 92pts
D'Oliveira 1996 Malvazia Reserva 88pts
D'Oliveira 1958 Boal Reserva 90pts
D'Oliveira 1928 Sercial Reserva 94pts
D'Oliveira 1900 Malvazia Reserva 93pts
D'Oliveira 1973 Verdelho Reserva 89pts
D'Oliveira 1905 Verdelho Reserva 94pts
D'Oliveira 1895 Malvazia Reserva 91pts
D'Oliveira 1932 Verdelho Reserva 92pts
D'Oliveira 1875 Malvazia Reserva 88pts
D'Oliveira 1875 Moscatel 91pts
D'Oliveira 1983 Boal Reserva 87pts
D'Oliveira 10 yr old medium dry 88pts
D'Oliveira 1993 Boal 88pts
D'Oliveira 1988 Terrantez 87pts
D'Oliveira 1989 Malvazia 91pts
D'Oliveira 1968 Boal 87pts
D'Oliveira 1862 Sercial Reserva 87pts
D'Oliveira 1966 Verdelho 90pts
D'Oliveira 1927 Bastardo 90pts
D'Oliveira 1890 Verdelho 96pts
D'Oliveira 1990 Malvazia 88pts
D'Oliveira 1850 Verdelho 96pts
D'Oliveira 1977 Terrantez 91pts
D'Oliveira 1900 Moscatel 89pts
D'Oliveira 1903 Boal 88pts
D'Oliveira 1900 Verdelho 95pts
D'Oliveira 1907 Malvazia 93pts
Two Ribera del Duero Icons: Pingus 1995-2011
Pingus 2009 PSI 91pts
Pingus 2010 PSI 92pts
Pingus 2010 Amelia (92-94)pts
Pingus 2010 Flor de Pingus 92pts
Pingus 2011 Flor de Pingus (93-95)pts
Pingus 2003 Pingus 94pts 
Pingus 2008 Pingus 97pts
Pingus 2000 Pingus 96pts
Pingus 2010 Pingus (95-97)pts
Pingus 2011 Pingus (94-96)pts
Pingus 1995 Pingus 92pts

Elegance and Power: The 2010 White Bugundies
JP Fichet 2010 Auxey Duresses Blanc 88pts
JP Fichet 2010 Meursault 90pts
JP Fichet 2010 Meursault le Meix Sous le Chateau 89pts
JP Fichet 2010 Meursault les Gruyaches 90pts
JP Fichet 2010 Meursault Chevalieres 90pts
JP Fichet 2010 Bourgogne Blanc Vieilles Vignes 88pts
JP Fichet 2010 Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru les Referts 93pts
JP Fichet 2010 Meursault Genevrieres 91pts
JP Fichet 2010 Meursault Village Tessons 92pts
Chablis 2011 and 2010
Pattes Loup 2010 Chablis Cotes de Jouan 92pts
Pattes Loup 2010 Chablis Montmains 93pts
Pattes Loup 2010 Chablis Beauregard 91pts
Pattes Loup 2010 Chablis 89pts 

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