Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Ribera del Guadiana
People: Jose Ortiz, Alberto Orte & Patrick Mata, Owners | Alberto Orte, Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Dacu is a pure, clean and juicy Tempranillo. Dacu means great, or powerful in a Filipino Dialect. Why Dacu, you may ask, because it is the last name of Patrick Mata's best friend. This wine is made in his honor.

The High elevation Vineyards (1837 feet) , located in the town of El Raposo, contribute to the high contrast of day and night Temperatures enhancing the bright flavors of Tempranillo. The soil is composed of great amounts of limestone, clay and chalk.

Ribera del Guadiana is the second largest appellation in the world after la Mancha. This large region is divided into 6 subzones: Tierra de Barros, Ribera Alta, Ribera Baja, Cañamero, Montanchez and Matanegra. Dacu comes from Matanegra, the third highest district after Montanchez and Cañamero. It is very similar in climate to Barossa Valley. The 2 grapes that grow best in this area for reds are Tempranillo and Garnacha.