Linne Calodo

Matt Trevisan

Country of Origin: USA
Location: Willow Creek District, Paso Robles
People: Matt & Maureen Trevisan, Owners | Matt Trevisan, Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


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Matt Trevisan, owner and winemaker of Linne Calodo, is one of the most revered Paso producers and has been for almost two decades. Matt founded Linne Calodo in 1998 with his wife Maureen and Justin Smith of Saxum (Justin is no longer a partner). He bought his property on Vineyard Drive in 2000, planted his 50-acre estate vineyard in 2005, and built a stunning new tasting room and winery in 2009. For a wine region in the grips of rapid growth, this makes him an old-timer, and his wines have rightfully amassed a devoted following.

Born in Southern California, Matt moved to San Luis Obispo in 1990 to attend Cal Poly University and study biochemistry. It was at this time when he experienced his first tastes of the wine industry. He apprenticed at local wineries, which enabled him to understand the many aspects of winemaking and hone his skills in the vineyard and winery. Linne Calodo originally came about as a side project while Matt worked at Wild Horse Winery. The mission was, and still is, to produce unique and exceptional, small batch wines true to West Paso’s terroir. The name, after all, pays homage to the rich soils in the esteemed Paso Robles Willow Creek District. The wines are Rhone and Zinfandel blends that speak of the region versus variety.

The wines are driven by four factors; vineyard location, uncompromising viticulture practices, minimalist winemaking and the desire to learn from experience. The vineyards are farmed organically and sustainably. Currently (as of 2017) about 80% of his wines are made from estate fruit. Sulfur is sprayed to protect against mildew. Irrigation is limited and mainly used to help the young vines stay healthy. The crop loads reflect the natural balance of the vine. The grapes are harvested at the peak of ripeness to produce wines that are rich and concentrated. In the cellar, Matt uses a healthy balance of art and science. Grapes co-ferment to achieve balance and complex flavors. Fermentation tanks are not heated or cooled as Matt let’s the wines evolve naturally. Sulfites are rarely added before bottling. The wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Vinous 9/2018
"Matt Trevisan is an inveterate blender and is constantly tinkering with the varietal composition of his wines. I've been especially impressed with his work with Zinfandel, as I find the Linne Calodo bottlings based on that variety to be highly complex and more elegant than practically any other version in California, which means anywhere. Trevisan’s 2016s display the usual depth of flavor and velvety texture for which his wines are known, but they also show an element of aromatic freshness and detail as well as energy on the palate that makes them extremely pleasant to drink, even now.”

Vinous 11/2017
"Matt Trevisan told me that he made about 40% of his “normal” production in 2015, adding that 2016 saw a welcome uptick of crop but that he wonders if the standard for “what defines a normal yield needs to be adjusted” given how many short crops Paso Robles has suffered through in recent years. Here’s another winemaker whose wines has evolved toward a more elegant style over the last decade. The winery now houses an intriguing array of concrete tanks and wooden vats of varying size and shape, “which keeps the mind active” Trevisan said. While Trevisan is by no means an old man, he’s definitely an old-timer in the context of Paso Robles’ west side producers, having launched Linne Calodo in 1998, with his wife, Maureen. They source fruit from some of the region’s top growers and they also have 20 acres of their own estate vines, split into 20 different parcels, to work with."

Vinous 9/2016
"The Linne Calodo wines consistently walk the line between richness and vivacity. Because of their energy, freshness and purity of fruit, the wines are usually delicious on the young side, but they have an enviable track record for rewarding patience as well."

Wine Advocate 8/2016
"A genius when it comes to fashioning incredible blends from Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache and Zinfandel (as well as a few others), Linne Calodo's Matt Trevisan eschews single varieties and makes seamless, elegant and character-filled wines that are always an utter joy to drink."

Vinous 9/2015
"Not a year goes by when Matt Trevisan doesn't tell me that he's still fine-tuning this style and thinking as much as possible about ways to reach his potential as a winemaker--and, increasingly, as a grower. A quick look at the names of his wines gives one an idea of his curious nature and he's one of the more reflective producers that I visit, anywhere. He reminds me a lot, in fact, of Jean-Louis Chave, another young vigneron who, like Trevisan, is constantly questioning his own work even though his wines are consistently among the very best examples of his appellation."

Vinous 7/2014
"Matt Trevisan's wines have evolved pretty dramatically over the last decade. Trevisan describes 2001-2004 as a period of 'monster wines' whereas the focus today is on making wines that are more suitable to the table. In general, Trevisan is seeking less power and more acidity. He certainly seems to be finding that, as these gorgeous wines amply demonstrate. The latest evolution is an increasing emphasis on estate fruit, which I personally believe has the potential to be a meaningful impact to quality."

Wine Advocate 2012
"This set of wines from proprietor Matt Trevisan was among the most impressive I tasted in Paso Robles. The wines seem to have a bit more energy and focus than in the past. Native fermentation and a generally artisan, hand-made approach informs a style full of personality and character. Some of the wines are aged partly in American oak, which works beautifully for this fruit. Trevisan describes 2010 as a fairly regular October harvest. He adds that 2011 was a much later year, as 60% of the fruit came in during November."

Winery featured in Wine Spectator June 15, 2010 Issue in an article about Paso Robles by Tim Fish.
"With wines labeled Problem Child, Nemesis and Outsider, winermaker Matt Trevisan shows not only an independent streak but a dry sense of humor. One of the pioneers of west Paso, Trevisan makes blends of Zinfandel, Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. Thanks to the rocky, limestone soil of the region that gives the winery its name, the wines are dense, complex yet sinuous creations. 'There's a bit of elegance to be found by combining different varietals together,' he says."