January 2020
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Cream Cocktails: Lower A-Bee-V's Knees


- 1 oz Ransom Old Tom Gin
- 2 oz Cirelli NV ‘A + Bees’ Mead
- 1 oz Lemon juice
- 1 oz Honey

Directions: Add all ingredients besides the A+ Mead (for topping later) with ice to tin, give it a quick shake and strain over a large cube in a Collins glass. Top with about 2 ounces of ‘A + Bees’ Mead. Garnish with a fresh cut piece of raw honey comb.

Cream Cocktails: Jambe de Bois


- 1.5 oz Pineapple-Tepache and Banana infused Bounty Spiced Rum (see below)
- .75 oz Bordiga Aperitivo
- .75 oz Mata Sweet Vermouth

Directions: Add all ingredients to mixing glass, stir, julep strain to a coupe or over large ice cube in rocks glass.

Bounty Spiced Infusion:
Using the spent pineapples from the Pineapple Tepache Honey Syrup and 3-4 super ripe bananas, muddle together in a cambro and pour a liter of Bounty Spiced Rum over it. Cover, let sit for 2-3 days, fine strain through cheesecloth, and poured back into the bottle.

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