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Cream Cocktail: Old Pal

With two books and an eponymous cocktail bar, Irish-born Harry MacElhone has given the drinking world a lot to sip on. After a stint working behind American wells, Harry made his way to Paris after the start of the First World War. In 1922, he began working at the Parisian bar, New York Bar, and he became such a hit around town that within the year they added his name to the sign. The notorious Harry’s New York Bar became the stomping ground for many a famous guest, including the likes of Ernest Sounding and CoCo Chanel.

The three-ingredient cocktail, Old Pal, makes an appearance in Harry’s 1927 book, Barflies and Cocktails. Named after New York Herald sports editor and Harry’s bar patron, William “Sparrow” Robinson, Old Pal consists of rye whiskey, dry vermouth and campari. Sound like a Boulevardier? You’re spot on! Old Pal is the drier, lighter version of the popular cocktail. In our twist on the Old Pal, we swapped out Campari for the Rossa Sicily Amara, lending unique depth and complexity.

Cream’s Old Pal

1 1/2 Bull Run Straight Bourbon

3/4 oz Rossa Sicily Amara

3/4 Ransom Dry Vermouth

Garnish: lemon peel


Stir the three ingredients together until well chilled (about 20 seconds). Strain into either a chilled cocktail glass or over rock. Garnish with lemon peel.

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