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Yann Vadin is the new face of grower champagne.

VadinPlateauYann.jpgYann Vadin is relatively unknown. While his family has owned their estate since 1785, they have only recently started exporting their wines outside of France. A chance encounter at the champagne fair Des Pieds et Des Vins earlier this year in France introduced us to Yann and the wines of Champagne Vadin-Plateau. The wines are simply stunning natural expressions with fierce minerality and brilliant freshness. It is only a matter of time before Champagne Vadin-Plateau is revered as one of the top grower champagnes.

Champagne Vadin-Plateau is located in the heart of the Marne Valley, in the premier cru village of Cumières (near Épernay). Joseph Plateau founded Champagne Vadin-Plateau (first called Maison Plateau) in 1785, making Vadin-Plateau one of the oldest champagne producers. A passion for wine and its cultivation has been transmitted from generation to generation; today, over two centuries later, it continues with Yann Vadin.


Yann Vadin is the ninth generation to take the helm of Champagne Vadin-Plateau. He took over the estate in 2012 after school and wine experience in Bordeaux and Burgundy. Yann perpetuates the family’s expertise while bringing his passion and his emotion into the wines.

The vineyards of Champagne Vadin-Plateau were formed over the generations, and have now reached seven hectares over seven villages, all chosen by the family of the winemakers for their characteristics. The land is spread over a total of 100 different plots. Most of them are located in premier cru and grand cru locations such as Aÿ, Pourcy, Hautvillers, Cumières, Damery, Venteuil & Chateau-Thierry. The vineyards are made up of a large portion of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir vines with a small portion of Chardonnay. The vines average 40 years, but there are some that are 70 years or older.


Yann Vadin practices minimal intervention in the vineyards. Vineyards are plowed by hand and horse. Biodynamic and organic preparations are used; herbicides and pesticides are renounced. In the cellar, Yann has combined tradition with modernity. Wines are vinified with native yeast. All of the wines are neither fined nor filtered. Yann uses a combination of oak barrels, clay eggs and stainless steel for vinification. The clay is used to gain a stronger expression of minerality. After bottling, the wines are aged for two to six years on the lees in the deep cellars underground. They are released to the market after four months from disgorgement.

Current Selection
2012 Bois des Jots Zero Dosage, Champagne 1er Cru AOC: This is an extremely limited brut nature blanc de noirs (266 bottles) from Vadin-Plateau’s Bois de Jots plot in the premier cru village Cumières. It is 100% Pinot Noir.

NV ‘Renaissance’ Extra Brut, Champagne 1er Cru AOC: Renaissance is a limited blanc de noirs from Vadin-Plateau’s vineyards in the premier cru village Cumières. It is 100% Pinot Meunier.

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