Tequila Arette Anejo (80 proof)

Tequila Arette Anejo (80 proof)

Item Number: 8774

UPC: 0-704228016224

Country: Mexico
Region: Jalisco
Sub Region: Jalisco
Appellation/AVA: Tequila
Estate Grown Wine: Yes
Grape(s): 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Weber
Type: Spirits - Tequila
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: Screw Cap
Alc by Vol(%): 40

Agave Source:  Tequila Valley
Agave Sugar:  Tequilana Weber
Cooking Method:  Autoclave
Crushing Method: Roller Mill
Fermentation:  Stainless steel tanks; Open-air
Distillation:  2x distilled
Still Style:  Stainless Pot with Copper Coil
Water Source:  Deep well water
Aging:  14 months in barrels previously used for aging Bourbon

Tasting Notes: This is an elegant tequila with typical flavors from agave grown in the lowlands. Flowery violets are evident. Lemon and orange zest blends with elements of mint and raw agave. The añejo opens softly and sweet, with orange and hints of oak. The finish is long with black pepper and citrus flavors.