Conservas Gueyu Mar (150g) 'Lomo Blanco' Grilled (Light) Red Tuna Loins

Conservas Gueyu Mar (150g) 'Lomo Blanco' Grilled (Light) Red Tuna Loins

Item Number: 15072

UPC: None

Country: Spain
Region: Asturias
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Almadraba Tuna
Type: Food - Tinned Fish
Bottle Size: 150g
Pack: 10
Closure: Can

This is a tin of thick cuts of high quality chargrilled bluefin tuna with holm oak. The tuna is canned using Arbequina de Castillo de Canena extra virgin olive oil.

Almadraba is an ancient fishing technique that is respectful to the environment. Almadraba tuna is highly sought after in Spain and Japan. Read more about this fascinating technique:

Featured in The New York Times: " Spanish Seafood, Grilled and Tinned "
Fine tinned seafood is a Spanish specialty. Abel Álvarez, the chef and an owner of the restaurant Güeyu Mar on the north coast of Spain, has given it uncommon allure. His Conservas Braseadas Güeyumar seafood — including sardines, cockles, razor clams, squid in ink and even tuna neck — are charcoal-grilled before being preserved in extra-virgin olive oil. The results are richly succulent and deserve a place among your tapas, and in salads, sandwiches, rice and pasta dishes and on seafood platters.