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Matchbook Masterclass - Tues, June 25

Tuesday, June 25th

Paul Monahan, COO
Kurtis Nolting, Matchbook NYC Rep & Distiller

Matchbook Distilling Co. is not your average distillery. They make unique and distinctive spirits that are based on locally sourced agricultural products. In a sense, their spirits are tied to the year’s growing season. They help up-cycle produce and grains that would have been destroyed, which in turn pushes their creativity and experimentation.

How does Matchbook decide which raw materials to use?

What if modern spirits could be a more productive part of the working food system?

How does the fermenting mash flavors translate to the final product, and why are they crucial to its character?

While we’d love to take 30 or so people to Greenport, Long Island to see where the magic happens. However, it is more feasible for Paul & Kurtis to travel to Chicago. They are bringing with them raw ingredients and fermentations of select products so we can better understand the manufacturing process and ingenuity and how all of the beautiful flavors come from Mother Earth.

It is going to be a special seminar: 12pm start
Can’t make the masterclass? There will be a casual open tasting right after: 1:30pm start

2501 W. Washington Blvd, Ste 300
Chicago, IL 60612

Driving? Parking is free. We are just west of the United Center.
Taking the L? We are a 10 minute walk from the California Green Line.
Taking the Metra? We are a 16 minute walk from the Western Ave. stop for MD-N, NCS, and MD-W metra rail.
MD-N = Milwaukee District North
MD-W = Milwaukee District West
NCS = North Central Service

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