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Chris Pearce, who is the organizer of The Joy of Sake (the largest sake tasting outside of Japan), established World Sake Imports in 1998. World Sake Imports represents regional sake breweries and shochu distilleries that produce premium beverages. The breweries are among the most respected in Japan; they are standard-bearers for the industry in terms of quality, innovation and technical mastery.

While living most of his early life in Japan, it was when Chris moved to Honolulu that his love for sake began. Chris’ father worked for the United States Embassy and moved the family to Japan when Chris was just 10 years old. Chris lived in Japan for 13 years but in prefectures like Okinawa that preferred drinking shochu over sake. Therefore, his exposure to sake occurred in Honolulu of all places.

In Honolulu, Chris befriended Takao Nihei, the brewmaster of the Honolulu Sake Brewery (since closed), which was the first Japanese sake brewery outside of Japan. Many refer to Takao Nihei as the father of sake brewing in America. Takao Nihei taught and mentored Pearce along with a small group of sake enthusiasts who had started the Kokusai Sake Kai (International Sake Association) in Honolulu in 1987. The rest, they say, is history.

Chris Johnson (aka The Sake Ninja) is Chris Pearce’s right hand man and represents World Sake Imports in the U.S. His accolades include: sake sommelier certified by the Sake Service Institute, member of the board of directors for The Joy of Sake, judge for the U.S. National Sake Appraisal since 2000, Level 3 sake educator certified by WSET, Sake Samurai title earned in 2013.

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