Ecstatic Truth

Country of Origin: USA
Location: Sierra Foothills
People: Hank Beckmeyer & Caroline Hoël, Owners | Hank Beckmeyer, Winemakers
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


Ecstatic Truth 2020 'Power Spot' White Wine, El Dorado County Login TFL NR In Stock

Ecstatic Truth is part of La Clarine Farm, bit it is not La Clarine Farm. Like Doo-Wop is not Bebop.

It is a new way of looking at wine and the possibilities of wine. It is an attempt to go beyond what it traditionally considered "proper" and to push boundaries and concepts.

One small part of the concept is that no grape names will be found on the labels. Names and labels are a shortcut to conclusions, often hamstrung by conventional perceptions. Ecstatic Truth enables you to experience wine free from those preconceptions. Wonderment and a touch of confusion can be quite exhilarating.

All Ecstatic Truth releases will be from naturally grown fruit and handled as simply as possible in the cellar. While Ecstatic Truth will go where it goes, La Clarine will continue to explore the subtleties of tradition.


  • Ecstatic Truth 2020 'Power Spot' White Wine, El Dorado County
    The Feiring Line
    Rating: NR (4/29/2022)

    Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine Farms is very secretive about both the grapes in this wine and his processes. For now at least wants this line of wines to be taken at sip value, and I presume go for the ecstatic truth. Filmmaker Werner Herzog is credited with this concept which he himself had a hard time describing. In one interview he called it a “deeper truth, balance, the deepest essential that defines us as human beings.” It is a truth that is freed from the parameters of fact. And so what does the wine taste like? It’s worth your while to find it and see for yourself.