Eloi Lorenzo

Javier Monsalve

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Ribeiro, Galicia
People: Javier Monsalve, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


Eloi Lorenzo founded the winery in 1976, but it’s actually his grandson Javier Monsalve who is currently running the show. Javier has been doing everything from the farming to the winemaking since 2007.

Located in Arnoia within the Ribeiro DO, Javier farms 5 hectares as organically as possible while following biodynamic principles. No herbicides or insecticides are ever used; balance with nature and the environment is very important to Javier. Most of his vines are planted on terraced slopes ranging from 200 to 400 meters of altitude. The vines are trellis trained to keep them as far off the ground as possible and away from humidity. Though the soils in the region can be quite diverse depending on the area, most of his vineyards are composed of granite. Granite is the soil type on which the queen grape Treixadura thrives.

Working with other native grape varieties like Loureira and Brancellao, the minerality and acidity in all of his wines express the region’s unique terroir and microclimate. Ribeiro, located about 30 miles in from the ocean, is protected from harsh Atlantic weather conditions by a range of mountains. Its unique climate, both Atlantic and continental, allows the grapes to fully ripen while keeping the mouthwatering freshness that Galician wines are known to express.

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