Philip Lardot

Country of Origin: Germany
Location: Mosel
People: Philip Lardot, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Philip Lardot is a young Dutch/Finnish winemaker (born in Finland and raised in Amsterdam) who works for Ulli Stein in the Mosel. Philip helps Ulli in the vineyards and cellar; in exchange, Philip can produce his own wines in Ulli's cellar.

Philip owns a few small parcels in the Mosel. From these, he produces natural wines that capture the Mosel in an exciting new way. Philip uses a low addition of sulfites, which is still rare to find in the Mosel. The wines, therefore, have a distinct personality that set them apart from his neighbors. They don't taste like Ulli Stein's wines, either.

Social Media
Instagram: @p.lardot