Derrumbes Mezcal

Country of Origin: Mexico
Location: Mexico
People: Esteban Morales & Sergio Mendoza, Owners | J. Manuel Perez, Javier Mateo, & J. Guadalupe Perez, Mezcaleros


Derrumbes Mezcal Blue Weber (Green Label), Zacatecas (97.6 proof) Login In Stock
Derrumbes Mezcal Chino / Alto (Grey Label), Michoacan (98 proof) Login In Stock
Derrumbes Mezcal Durangensis (Orange Label), Durango (90.4 proof) Login In Stock
Derrumbes Mezcal Espadin / Tobala (Red Label), Oaxaca (91.8 proof) Login In Stock
Derrumbes Mezcal Salmiana Crassispina (Aqua Label), San Luis Potosi (88 proof) Login In Stock
Derrumbes Mezcal Univittata / Funkiana / Americana (Pink Label), Tamaulipas (94.24 proof) Login In Stock

Esteban Morales (owner of La Venenosa) and Sergio Mendoza (owner of Tequila Don Fulano) have partnered to produce Mezcal Derrumbes. Derrumbes takes one on a journey through the different agaves, terroirs, and production techniques that create the rich variety of the spirit mezcal. Distilled in three small villages in the states of Oaxaca, Michoacan, and San Luis Potosi, each bottling is cooked, milled and distilled according to the traditional, historic methods of the region.

Derrumbes Oaxaca is made from agave cooked in an underground stone pit using black oak to give a light smokiness. The fermentation is naturally aided by the addition of pulque from the agave Americana before wild yeasts complete the 72-hour process. Derrumbes Oaxaca is distilled twice in copper pot stills.

Derrumbes Michoacan is an exotic combination of rich, pungent agaves and ancient production techniques. Again cooked in an underground stone pit using black oak, Michoacan is fermented in underground tanks lined with pine, which adds to the herbal character. True to tradition of the area, Derrumbes Michoacan is distilled using the Phillipine method, which predates copper pot distillation. This technique requires that the body of the still be made from a hollowed-out tree trunk with the alcohol vapors condensed by a copper pot full of water that sits at the top of the trunk.

Oaxaca - O134X
Michoacan - F283D
San Luis Potosi - S47L

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