FEATURED: New Producer Alert! The seaside ciders of Cidrerie du Leguer

A five hour, scenic drive south-west from Paris, Bretagne, or Brittany as Americans like to call it, is a welcome refuge from the tourist’s beaten path. France’s most northwesternmost peninsula, Brittany’s coastline is wild and lengthy, the region known for it’s pink-ish hued sands and thick forests. It is here that Cédric Le Bloas is crafting artisanal, terroir-driven ciders already have an undeniable depth and toothsome grip. Early experiments with black currant (for the rosé) and hops have resulted in beautiful, integrated ciders that have more complexity, yet don’t lose their vinous quality. Cidre de Leuger’s first chapter has begun, and we could not be more excited to introduce these ciders to Illinois.