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We've Got Sotol!


First tequila, then mezcal, then raicilla, then bacanora and now sotol. We’re in love with Mexican spirits and are ecstatic to introduce Sotol La Higuera to the fabulous Land of Lincoln!

What is sotol? Sotol is a distilled spirits made from a plant that was once thought to be an agave; in those days it was referred to as a mezcal. Sotol is made from the Dasylirion plant a.k.a Desert Spoon, a.k.a Sotol. There are 16 varieties of Dasylirion. The plant is found throughout Mexico, but the Denomination of Origen for sotol dictates that to be labeled a sotol it must come from 1 of 3 states: Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango.

La Higuera: The three sotols by La Higuera are produced in a traditional method in Aldama, Chihuahua. Master Distiller Gerardo Ruelas cooks the different varieties in an outside, conical oven fired by wood and rocks. The Dasylirion varieties are milled by hand with axes. Fermentation occurs with wild yeast in 1,000-liter pine vats. The sotols are double distilled in copper alembic stills.

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Sotol La Higuera Wheeleri, Chihuahua: The La Higuera Wheeleri Sotol has a rounded balance of smoked herbs and fruit. The palate mimics the herbal nose and shows hints of pineapple.

Sotol La Higuera Cedrosanum, Chihuahua: The La Higuera Cedrosanum Sotol has mineral and caramel notes on the nose. Smoked grass and cedar show on the palate. The finish is dry, and the texture has a near perfect balance.

Sotol La Higuera Leiophyllum, Chihuahua: The La Higuera Leiophyllum Sotol has notes of wet soil and ash. The palate is meaty with notes of salami. The finish gets fruity with notes of peaches and bananas.

Want to learn more about agave spirits? This is a great resource article.

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