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Everyday California Chardonnay that Over-Delivers

WhiteQueenChardonnayLarge.jpgSure The White Queen Chardonnay has a fun label and cute name that those Alice in Wonderland fans are certain to love. But in truth, this everyday Chardonnay is offering much more than your typical Chardonnay at this price point. It shows a brightness and freshness that can be lost at times in affordable California Chardonnay. Perhaps this has to do with the minimal oak treatment on the wine. There does seem to be something else going on here - a balance and energy that you can taste. This is a great wine for those who prefer Chardonnay with more mineral characteristics instead of butter and sweetness.

We are not the only ones who think The White Queen is special. Master Sommelier Ian Cauble recently wrote about the wine for Somm Select:

“At this price-point, there is nothing like it on the market.”

“So many people order “a glass of Chardonnay” without giving it any thought, and how often, if ever, is it something memorable? Not very often. The White Queen is meant to change that, with an emphasis on balance, energy, and, interestingly enough, moderation.”

“There’s a Chablis-meets-Sonoma-Coast vibe going on here: In the glass it’s a vibrant yellow-gold, and the nose is all about fresh, fruity scents of lemon zest, peach pit, bosc pear, and green apple. On the palate there’s creamy texture and good weight but a barely perceptible wood influence. There’s a tension to the wine that keeps you engaged over the course of a few glasses, which is the point. It’s a perfect not-too-light white for apéritifs or to have in quantity for a way-above-average pour at a larger party.”

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