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Get ready for the

Step up to the throw down: which coast is the best coast?

We invite you to a late night tasting battle on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at the creamHQ from 9pm-12am. RSVP to tori@creamwine.com.

In one corner, we have the mighty Pacific, with sake from Tensei, Konteki, Takatenjin and Tozai breweries.

In the other corner, the Sea of Japan, with sake from Yuho, Rihaku, and Mantensei breweries.

But wait right there! Coastal feuds are not limited just to sake: taking the umami party out of the box, we will be pairing our nihonshu with everyone’s favorite iconic dishes, NY slices and Cali tacos. Sake isn’t just for sushi — and once you try guacamole with a little ginjo, you’ll never go back.

And there’s more: the entire battle will be backed by the soundtrack of the most epic musical feud there ever was, Cali vs. NYC hip-hop. Think Death Row vs Bad Boy, Biggie vs Tupac. You get the idea.

To ensure a fair fight, referee Monica Samuels, National Sake Sales Manager for Vine Connections, will be schooling us all on the differences between sake produced on the East Coast and sake produced on the West Coast of Japan. DJ LA Jesus will keep us educated on the most crucial era of modern hip-hop there ever was, the mid-90s. And lastly, we know you’re already experts on tacos and pizza, so come help us make this a standoff to remember.


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