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Water & Vodka

HerringtonVodkaBottleTransparentSmallSize.jpgWater sources, and their unique and distinctive attributes, have a huge impact on the specific flavors and qualities of spirits from around the world. Water quality and purity is even more important for clear spirits, where there are no barrels or aging processes to help produce the desirable flavor profile.

Did you know that the city of Geneva, Illinois spent $28 million on a reverse osmosis water filtration system that was completed in 2008? The water in Geneva, IL is near perfect with the city having to add back minerals!

Herrington Premium Vodka (80 proof) is made in Geneva, Illinois by Fox River Distilling. Fox River Distilling set up shop in Geneva primarily to take advantage of the high water quality. Herrington Premium Vodka is distilled four times and charcoal filtered to provide a smooth product. It is exceptional, and perhaps we owe some thanks to the water!

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