February 2016
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FEATURED: Introducing Rossa Amara

Every once in awhile, you come across something so unique, so delicious, and so rare, that if you don’t take a chance on it you might regret it for the rest of your life. Rossa Amara, a blood orange amaro from Mt. Etna, Sicily, blew our minds last year in Vinitaly. Amaro wasn’t our game, but we knew this liqueur was special. Now in stock, we’re looking forward to sharing Rossa Amara with you.

Drinking Across Italy

Last March, Andy Pates traveled to Italy to visit many of the estates in the Cream Imports portfolio. Two of the estates pictured on the journey, Montenidoli and Mastrojanni, have been awarded the coveted Tre Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso. The Tre Bicchieri 2016 tasting is Thursday, February 4th; Elisabetta Fagiuoli (Montenidoli Owner) and Rada Linke (Mastrojanni Sales Manager) hope to see you there.

Enjoy the Photographic Journal - Drinking Across Italy
Below are a few photo excerpts from the album.


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