From old school to new school, our Tequila Portfolio grows by one with Calle 23

As many of you know, we represent Tequila Fortaleza, which uses traditional production methods of generations past. It was actually Guillermo Sauza, owner of Fortaleza, who recommended Tequila Calle 23 to us. New technology and science drive the production of Calle 23, yet the product remains smooth and characterful.

- Sophie Decobecq: the Road from Biochemistry to the Tequila Industry - Calle23Owner.jpg“Sophie Decobecq is something of an anomaly in the world of tequila, not just for being a beautiful woman in a male dominated industry but for her application of science to tequila production.” - Class Magazine 8/2010 (Read full Class Magazine Article)

Sophie graduated from an eminent UTC university in her native France in 1999 with degrees in biochemistry and engineering. She travelled to Mexico to study fermentation at the research center of Polytechnics Institute in Mexico City. While visiting tequila distilleries as part of her research, Sophie fell in love with the culture, the people, the scenery and the tequila spirit. She permanently moved to Mexico in 2003 and started Calle 23 shortly after.

We've been looking for a Michigan winery...

…to represent for a while. We preach local, so we should have/drink local!

DrinkMichiganWine.jpg- Local Michigan Treasure - Mick Swain was the finder of our local, Michigan treasure Left Foot Charley. It is a pleasure to introduce the first Michigan winery to our portfolio; the wines will not disappoint - acidity, freshness, balance and local!

Left Foot Charley is located in Traverse City and owned by Bryan Ulbrich (est. 2004). Throughout Northern Michigan there are numerous small vineyards owned and farmed by individuals who do not have wineries. Their grapes are often sent to bulk producers. Bryan Ulbrich believes that many of these viticulturists are excellent farmers and deserve to see their work turned into fine wine. Bryan has teamed up with 18 Michigan growers to produce wines that express the unique terrain of the glacially tilled hills of Michigan. He works specifically with farmers who are taking steps to understand and define terroir in Northern Michigan, which is influenced by the lake effect and soil composition. Each vineyard sells only to Left Foot Charley and the commitments go beyond simple cash per ton arrangements.

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