September 2009
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YouTube look into our Loire winemakers

One of our suppliers, Jon-David Headrick Selections, is always looking for ways to encourage and inspire the folks on the street who present and sell their wines as well as the customers who buy them.  For Jon-David, working in a category that is not terribly well known, education is obviously an important part of their success.  In order to help with that, they put together a collection of short films/videos which give a behind-the-scenes look at some of the wineries they work with.  The idea is to do this with all of the properties but they started with a core group of 7 wineries.
These clips show more than just what the vines look like….the idea is to show the culture of the area, what the winemaker is like, what one eats with a winemaker, some history of the area, and more.
The new JDHS Video channel can be found at . 

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