Villa Dora

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Terzigno, Campania
People: Ambrosio Family, Owners & Winemakers
Viticulture: Certified Organic


The winery was born in 1997 with Vincenzo Ambrosio’s desire to dedicate himself to a vineyard on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius with the passion and the experience of those who know this territory very well. Even though the territory was already the natural home for grape vines and olive trees, a radical restoration of the crops took place in order to form the base for high quality production.

This is how the organic cultivation practices were started and throughout every phase of company activity, they operate with the minimum possible environmental impact. Since the beginning, this has been Villa Dora’s company philosophy. Company activity follows an old and rich family tradition.

Giovanna has a degree in economics, Antonio a law degree, and Francesca is a pharmacist. Thus, different competencies all come together in running this agricultural society. Coordinating everything is the father, Vincenzo, who with enthusiasm, sacrifice, and even at times obstinacy, dedicates himself to the company which was meant as homage to his wife, Dora.

The land is comprised of eight hectares of vineyards and five of olive groves inside of Vesuvius National Park, located in Terzigno, about 3 Km from Pompei, facing south-west at an altitude of 250 meters. The company complex is made up of one single body of land. The vineyards are only a short distance from the winery. The 1400 olive trees have an average of 60 years and continue on to circle the oil mill. Only a few meters away is the villa, a welcoming reception hall with rooms reserved for wine tasting and other wine tourism events. The whole complex is surrounded by a splendid ledge of pine trees, broom shrubs, rose gardens, and decorative plants.

Vinous Media 92015
"The organically farmed vineyards of Villa Dora are located on the lower slope of Vesuvius, the world’s best-known (and still active) volcano. Vesuvius is also the home of two of Italy’s potentially best easy-drinking white and red wines, the Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Bianco and Rosso. Although they weren't worth a second thought until recently, these wines are beginning to attract the attention of wine lovers everywhere. Villa Dora's versions of these wines are well-made and flavorful while speaking of their unique volcanic terroir and also have considerable international appeal (the estate long used the services of renowned consulting winemaker Roberto Cipresso, but the winemaker is now Fabio Mecca). The estate, founded only in 1997, is located in Terzigno, just three kilometers from Pompei, and is very much a family operation, farming eight hectares of vines and five of olive trees."