Muros Antigos

Country of Origin: Portugal
Location: Monção, Minho
People: Anselmo Mendes, Owner & Winemaker


Anselmo Mendes was born to a family of winemakers and agriculturalists in Moncao, Portugal, which is close to the Spanish border and at the northern end of Vinho Verde. He studied winemaking at the Instituto Superior de Agromia in Lisbon. He is the head winemaker at numerous wineries in the Douro, Dao, Alentejo, and Vinho Verde. He began making wine under his own labels in 1998 with an Alvarinho, which has since racked up the awards in the wine press.

Muros Antigos is his own project. He produces his Alvarinho (the grape he’s most passionate about) at his winery in Vale do Minho. His Loureiro grows at Vale do Lima and his Avesso at Vale do Douro-Baião. His Muros Antigos 2005 was listed in Wine Enthusiast as one of the best 100 wines in the world. In 1997, the Portuguese wine magazine Revista dos Vinhos awarded him the Oenologist of the Year.

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