Cristian Allamand

Country of Origin: Argentina
Location: Maipu
People: Cristian Allamand, Owner & Winemaker | Raymond Allamand, Vineyard Manager


Coming from a family with a longstanding tradition of "working the land," and after making wine at Navarro Correas, Cavas de Rosell Boher, and Chandon, Cristian Allamand, alongside other friends (including, most notably, locally famous Pedro Rosell), established Bodega Campo Negro in 2002.

The main objective of the winery is to produce wines that clearly identify the different appellations where the Allamands own or manage vineyards and express, "to its fullest potential", the particulars of each distinctive area. Cristian defines his winemaking philosophy as "clean, non-intrusive, but very respectful of what each vineyard is capable of showing." In his own words, he wants to let "each vineyard speak for itself through the grapes we get from them."

His main objective is to continue to relentlessly improve his wines by focusing his and his father's efforts in "working the land" and achieve the best possible quality from each appellation in Mendoza. As important, for him and his family, is to create a sense of self sustained vine growing and wine making environments that are so novel for Argentina, while partnering with people of similar philosophies both internally (vineyard managers and their families, land owners, employees, etc.) and externally (land owners, growers, distributors, etc.) to further elevate the level of consciousness around wine and its culture.

Location: The winery is located in the Northern Region of Mendoza. More precisely, the winery sits on a two hectare area in the Cruz de Piedra district, department of Maipu. Lujan de Cuyo and Maipu form to the most prominent area for growing high quality grapes in Argentina: the locally denominated "Primera Zona" (Prime Zone).

Vineyards: 100% of the fruit is owned and controlled by Bodegas Campo Negro. Raymond Allamand, father of Cristian, is the person responsible for the high quality fruit that comes from the almost 20 has., spread across three vineyards in two different wine regions in Mendoza, that belong to the winery.

Climate: Very little rain during the course of the year means less sanitation of the vineyard (3 vs.12 times in Europe), which translates into less chemical treatment to cure the vineyards, less manipulation and, hence, more authentic and high quality wines than in other places of the world. Hot days and cool nights naturally provide wines from these areas with good acidity, color, and great aromatic expression. Due to their location, these vineyards are less exposed to frost and therefore enjoy a better and healthier maturation of the grapes, which in turn translates into better concentration of fruit tannins, and better phenolic ripeness.

Soils: Poor, sandy, and stony soils, provide good infiltration of water. These characteristics, coupled with properly managed flood irrigation using water coming from the melted snow caps of the Andes range, allow for the production of good quality grapes and help Raymond and Cristian achieve greater quality and consistency of fruit across vintages.

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