Rancho Tepua

Country of Origin: Mexico
Location: Aconchi, Sonora
People: Contreras Family, Owners | Roberto Contreras, Maestro Bacanorero


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The Contreras family established a cattle ranch in the mountains of Aconchi, Sonora in the mid-1800s. Being in an area generous with Agave Pacifica, Jesus Contreras began the practice and tradition of making bacanora.

During Prohibition, 4th generation Roberto, with his father Don Lalo, built several hidden distilleries at Rancho Tepúa, which allowed them to continue the tradition. Today, in collaboration with his son Roberto (5th generation), Rancho Tepúa Bacanora is finally available in the United States!

The word tepúa refers to an ax. The origin comes from the language of the Ópata, an indigenous tribe which inhabited the Sonoran Sierra Madre Mountains long before the Spaniards arrived. A small ax called jabica is the main tool used ot harvest the agave during traditional bacanora production.

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