Cosmic Vinyaters

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Empordà
People: Salvador Batlle, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


Cosmic Vinyaters 2015 'Valentia' Cariñena Blanca, Emporda DO Login
Cosmic Vinyaters 2015 'Llibertat' Carinyana, Emporda DO Login

As with Ruben Parera of Finca Parera, you could say the same thing about Salvador Batlle. The only difference is that he took his talent from the Penedès to the Empordà region just south of the French border. His family still grows grapes in Penedès, and he still makes their wines. But, his new project in the Empordà is more representative of his “cosmic cat” character. There is something mystic about the wines he is crafting there.

He applies strict biodynamic practices and focuses on local grape varieties: Garnacha and Cariñena. In addition to buying old vineyards spreading across 3 hectares, he’s planting new ones with hopes that those who come after him can find the same value in the sandy soils of Agullana. He’s immersed himself in the region, and much to the regret of his Penedès roots, he’s become one of them now.

In the cellar, Salvador is an amphora master. Whether it be fermentation or aging, all of his wines pass through amphorae at some point and see little to no oak. It you ask him why, he’ll ask back, “Why interrupt the natural state of the grapes by using foreign materials when you can use the same ground where they grew?” It’s obvious that Salvador is a firm believer in amphorae and feels they preserve the purest expression of the grapes. All of his wines are made without filtering, without fining, and without any additions of any kind.

Wine Advocate 10/2016
"Salvador Batlle Barrabeig created Cosmic Vinyaters in 2013. He's in the Empordà geographical zone, but sells his wines without appellation of origin. His wines, without any added sulphur, won't leave anyone cold, as they are most unusual—some with strong cider aromas, others with pungent flavors and acidity and even some carbonic gas."

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